VIP Medical Intelligence Analysis

Knowledge is powerful. No one can predict the future, but ExNovo offers our clients the insight they need to prepare for tomorrow. Utilizing practices clandestine agencies have relied on for years, our team of experts can provide federal agencies and private corporations with medical intelligence analysis, also known as VIP Intel.

ExNovo’s VIP Intel services give our clients an edge on the battlefield and in the boardroom. Our experts gather medical, bio-scientific and environmental information pertinent to strategic planning. This type of intelligence conserves the fighting strength of our forces and directs military medical planning and operations. ExNovo applies these same strategies to the private sector, allowing businesses to prepare for whatever comes next — to be ahead of the competition.

ExNovo evaluates, analyzes and interprets the health of foreign leaders, or your competition's leadership, allowing you to strategically plan your next move. Under the direction of co-founder and CFO Robert A. Phillips Jr., M.D., M.B.A., F.A.C.S., ExNovo is broadening the use of medical intelligence analysis beyond foreign policy, putting the concept into practical use in the private sector. ExNovo’s experts analyze global health issues and determine how emerging trends can affect business, allowing private corporations to be ready for a variety of possible scenarios.

Dr. Phillips, a triple-boarded heart surgeon who served as the director of a heart and lung transplant center, recently turned his focus to enhancing America’s national security by partnering with President and CEO Alan Yarborough to found ExNovo. Together, they bring a world of expertise to ExNovo’s management team. Medical intelligence is a key component of ExNovo’s broad range of capabilities. When you have knowledge, you have the edge.