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Exnovo Partners with Sotera Defense Solutions, Inc. to Market Fast-Track Technologies as Part of Two Sotera JIEDDO Contracts


Exnovo Partners with Sotera Defense Solutions, Inc. to Market Fast-Track Technologies as Part of Two Sotera JIEDDO Contracts

June 28, 2012Murrells Inlet, SC—Exnovo Solutions a supplier of high-quality applications, technologies and insights to members of the Defense and Intelligence communities, announced today that it has Partnered with Sotera Defense Solutions, Inc. (Sotera) to spearhead mission-critical R&D for two important Joint Improvised IED Defense Organization (JIEDDO) contracts. Sotera is one of four companies awarded a maximum five-year, multiple-award Prime Contract, which positions the Herndon, Virginia, Prime Contractor to actively compete for task orders on open projects. Sotera will serve as the prime contractor on those projects; and Exnovo as the subcontractor.

"The partnership gives Sotera another asset to help strategize, bid task orders, and if successful in securing a Task Order, fulfilling those contract requirements, " said Alan Yarborough, Exnovo's Chief Executive Officer.  "It also enables Exnovo to execute on our mission, which is to rapidly field tools that will save lives on the battlefield. Our desire is to manage taxpayer dollars in a responsible way and to provide our government customers the best product possible.  

Exnovo's approach to IED defeat incorporates three critical elements: attack the network, defeat the device and train the force. The company's R&D efforts focus on designing capability enablers to counter the enemy's tactics and alter its decision-making process. This includes enhancing the U.S. soldier's ability to detect IEDs from a distance and developing new techniques to neutralize an identified threat from a less-than-lethal distance. Exnovo is also pursuing solutions to prevent IEDs, via information operations, from ever being deployed. Exnovo can present concepts in partnership with Sotera to JIEDDO to expect a fast-track R&D process and rapid fielding of these new technologies and strategies. Exnovo is currently developing a mobile training system that can be assembled and fielded very quickly.

According to Yarborough, "IEDs represent a serious threat to servicemen and women we send into harm's way. At Exnovo, one of our highest priorities is to contribute solutions that defeat the IED challenge. We also hope to contribute by designing a novel strategy that renders the IED an ineffective weapon of strategic influence. To deliver on those priorities, we identify commercial off-the-shelf technologies and then use those technologies in uncommon ways to produce extraordinary results. We design all of our platforms to be scalable, modular and adaptive, which reflects our commitment to strategic agility."

Sotera and Exnovo executed the Teaming Agreement in May 2012.


About Exnovo Solutions, Inc.

Exnovo delivers the highest quality applications, technologies and insights to members of the Defense and Intelligence communities. Our policy experts, research scientists and engineers have a proven track record helping customers not just respond to change, but exploit evolving landscapes and environments to stay agile and preemptive. We maintain a balanced and diversified portfolio designed to deliver innovation in land, sea, air and space applications. Our focus areas include Technical R&D, Systems Engineering, Strategic Planning, Policy Analysis, Application Development, Transformation Services, Medical Intelligence Analysis, and Tactical Medical Support.

About Sotera Defense Solutions, Inc.

Sotera Defense Solutions, Inc. (Sotera) is an agile, mid-tier national security technology company that delivers innovative systems, solutions and services in support of the critical missions of the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and federal law enforcement agencies charged with ensuring the safety and security of our nation. Sotera provides essential counterterrorism, cyber operations, intelligence, data-analytics, C4ISR and force mobility solutions to our customers throughout the national security community.  Learn more about Sotera at www.soteradefense.com.  

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