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ExNovo Adds Strategic Global Communication Campaigns to Service Offerings


MURRELLS INLET, S.C., Dec. 12, 2011 --- ExNovo has added a new service to their list of offerings. The company recently announced it will now offer clients expertise in global strategic communication campaigns, also known as information operations. 

ExNovo was launched in the summer of 2011 when cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Robert A. Phillips joined forces with former soldier Alan Yarborough. ExNovo is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) specializing in national defense and intelligence operations.  The company continues to grow and expand in the ever changing world of national defense. The most recent addition to the bevy of services is to offer clients a way to capitalize on the power of the digital revolution, using social media and other techniques to sway public opinion, influence outcomes and create positive conditions for organizations in public and private sectors. 
“Information operations are an important part of a strategic communications plan, for a government or a corporation,” Yarborough said. “It's simply the use of any means necessary to communicate a well- crafted message to those in your target audience. “ 
ExNovo’s experienced strategists help clients navigate the new world of public relations, using traditional and non-traditional means of communication to create transformative communications campaigns. Each campaign is customized to a particular client to achieve the result that client desires. 
“We shape and mold how people feel about a situation, an individual, a product or a service by being proactive and communicating ideas to gain support or win confidence,” Yarborough said. “There are so many ways to communicate now, that targeting a specific segment of the population is not only possible, but essential to remain competitive in whatever you do -- because if you don't, your opponent or competitor will." 
In addition to being public relations experts, ExNovo’s communication strategists are culturally sophisticated, experts in international relations and political affairs and are highly skilled at designing and implementing campaigns in the most austere or sophisticated environments imaginable. 
ExNovo’s practices strategic agility, which is the driving principal at the core of all the company’s service offerings, including  general management consulting, intelligence support services, technology-based research and development and medical intelligence analysis. 
“We continue to keep our strategic agility philosophy in all our operations including our strategic communications plan,” said Phillips. “The environment our clients operate in, whether governments or international corporations, is ever changing, however their message is constant. We stay focused and help deliver their message despite the continuously changing world we live in." 
To learn more about ExNovo, visit www.exnovoworldwide.com or contact Yarborough at (850) 269-7211 or alan@exnovoworldwide.com. 
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