Industry and Thought Leaders.

ExNovo is known for developing innovative solutions and providing mission-critical insights. Our team consists of a cadre of research scientists, analysts and engineers who contribute to our ongoing success and to the success of our clients.

Our leadership team includes:

Alan Photo1Alan Yarborough, President and CEO:  Mr. Yarborough understands the asymmetrical threat the United States faces. He experienced the threat at ground level and now dedicates his professional career to providing the strategies, services and tools that enable our war-fighters to defend the nation and our way of life. As President and CEO of ExNovo Solutions, Mr. Yarborough oversees practical implementation of the company’s mission: to deliver proactive, adaptive, cost-effective national security solutions that ensure the strategic agility of U.S. Armed Forces. To that end, he directs all day-to-day operations of the company, interfacing with Military, Security and Defense customers to understand their unique project needs and objectives, then assembling the appropriate team of experienced consultants and experts to deliver on those objectives.

Before co-founding ExNovo, Mr. Yarborough founded Centre Analytics International, Inc., a consulting firm that provides policy analysis, executive-level advisory services and intelligence support, as well as strategic-level security and infrastructure development planning, to the U.S. Federal Government. He served for 10 years as the Chief Executive Officer of Centre Analytics and, during his tenure, worked with numerous USG agencies and commercial enterprises. 

Mr. Yarborough proudly served on Active Duty with the U.S. Army for 10 years prior to founding Centre Analytics International.  His Army career now spans over 25 years active and reserves, serving active tours  of duty as a reservist assigned to federal law enforcement agencies, as well as to a Joint Counter Narcoterrorism Interagency Task Force.  He served in commications as a radio operator  and as a combat medic before transferring to the intelligence community.  He was selected for a position with Army Intelligence (AI) in 1988 and made significant contributions during many real-world operations. Today, he has 25 years of experience in the intelligence community.
Mr. Yarborough balances his military experience with strong business acumen.  He also remains committed to continuous learning and has successfully completed seminars in Public Policy and International Relations at Columbia University, University of Cambridge and London School of Economics and Political Science. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Psychology from Excelsior College.