Strategic Communications Services: Information Operations

Perception is everything. Traditional public relations campaigns are dinosaurs in this digital age of social networks. Never before have we had so many tools available to create narratives and win hearts and minds. Using proven strategies, ExNovo helps clients navigate the virtual mine field and use non-traditional media tools as part of a complete communications strategy. We know how to harness the power of the digital revolution to sway public opinion, influence outcomes and create positive conditions for organizations in both public and private sectors.

Applying the principal tenets of public relations, brand management and marketing to today’s cutting-edge technologies we design insightful, transformative and synergetic communications campaigns. We customize our strategic operations to win hearts and minds and achieve measurable results.

ExNovo’s experienced strategists are culturally sophisticated, well-versed in international relations and political affairs and are highly skilled at their craft. We consider every possible scenario and tailor communications efforts to reach specific strategic goals. We deliver synergistic campaigns that employ social media networks in addition to traditional forms of communication.

We’ve seen time and again the power of strategic, global communication campaigns and we use that experience to give our clients an edge in influencing trends, swaying opinion and managing crisis. We allow our clients to create optimum conditions for business, government or military operations.

ExNovo is on the cutting edge of the new era in public relations. Don’t simply respond to the conversation — create it, shape it and make it work for you. Using the power of the digital age to meet communication challenges is revolutionary. ExNovo can help you start the revolution.